Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection Haul & Review

Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection Haul & Review

Hey Everyone, I recently picked up some of the products from Tanya Burr’s Soft Luxe Collection so I thought I would do a mini haul and review for you, to tell you what I thought of the products.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Tanya and her products, I have watched her for years and I was lucky enough to meet her at the end of last year.
Her products are always of such high quality and she puts so much time, effort and love into every product she creates.

The products that I picked up were the Birthday Suit Eyeshadow Palette, two of the Matte Lip glosses in the shades Puppy Paws and Rhubarb & Custard and two of the matte nail polishes in Soft Pyjamas and New Chapter.


‘Birthday Suit’ Eyeshadow Palette 

The shades in the Birthday Suit eyeshadow palette are very pigmented for drugstore eyeshadows. All the shades are so beautiful and wearable and I feel like these shades would look good with any skin colour or any eye colour.
This palette is also so versatile, you could wear it for any occasion – you could wear it on a normal day for school, or going out with friends, which is what I tend to do or you could even wear it on a night out or to a formal event.
For an everyday look you could just use the lighter shades then add the darker shades to transition into the evening.
Another thing I love about Tanya’s eyeshadow palettes is that you have one beautiful eye look in one palette, which makes it so quick and easy and it is also great for travelling.





Matte Lipsticks in the shades ‘Ruhbarb & Custard’ and ‘Puppy Paws’ 

The first thing I noticed about these lipsticks was the packaging, which is absolutely beautiful and such high quality with the frosted bottle and gold detailing.
I did struggle with the application of these because they were so pigmented, so you only need a tiny bit to cover your whole lips. I have never been very good at applying darker lip shades so it took me a few tries to get it right but with practice you can create some beautiful looks with these lipsticks.
I did find this formula to be quite drying on the lips, but so are most matte lipsticks on the market, so I would recommend maybe applying some lipbalm before you apply the lipstick.
I was also actually quite surprised with how long they stayed on my lips for because they hung around for a good few hours, which I thought was great for an affordable matte lipstick.
I find the lipsticks also go really well with the Birthday Suit Eye shadow palette and create a great make up look.



Matte Nail Polishes in the shades ‘Soft Pyjamas’ and ‘New Chapter’ 

I love the shades of the nail polishes, they go with lots of what I wear on a daily basis as I tend to wear a lot of grey and black and I love the matte finish as we move from Summer to Autumn.
Also, as I am allowed to wear nail polish to school, they are great neutral shades that go with most of what I wear.
I was very pleasantly surprised at how long the polish lasted on my nails, for me it lasted about 4 or 5 days, which doesn’t sound that long, but for me that is pretty good because it usually comes of quite quickly at school. Also, it is quite impressive due to the fact you can’t put a top coat on if you want to keep the matte finish of the polish.



The shade New Chapter is my favourite nail polish, it is a muted lilacy-grey colour that I have been wearing on a daily basis at the moment.

Overall, I love all of the products in Tanya’s new collection but the Birthday Suit eyeshadow palette and the matte nail polish in the shade New Chapter have to be my favourites.

I hope you enjoyed this review of the new Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection.
If you would like to see reviews of anything else particular just let me know in the comments below.

See you soon,

EmiMarie x

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Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection Haul & Review | Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection Haul & Review | Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection Haul & Review | Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection Haul & Review

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