Zoella Lifestyle Haul & Review

Zoella Lifestyle Haul & Review

Hey Everyone, I thought I would share with you the things that I recently picked up from the Zoella Lifestyle collection with a Zoella Lifestyle Haul & Review.
The collection is currently available at Boots and Superdrug.

Lifestyle and homeware has always been something that I love so when I saw Zoë was bringing out a homeware/lifestyle collection I was very very excited and couldn’t wait to pick up some of the products!


On my Travels Backpack £50 


The first thing I picked up was the backpack, which also contained the travel mug, key ring and pencils.
Some people were saying that they thought that the bag was very overpriced but I don’t necessarily agree – I feel it would be overpriced if it was just the bag that you got but considering you get three other products inside I feel it is pretty reasonable.
I absolutely love this backpack – it is a great size for travelling as it can fit so much in it, including my laptop, which I often like to keep in my hand luggage for long haul flights.
Another thing I love about it is the colour, I wear so much grey and black so it will go with pretty much everything I wear. It also has a coral coloured lining inside the bag, which is really cute and makes it a little bit more special.
One thing that I would like to change about the bag is the fact that the top flap doesn’t shut properly, it just flops down, which I feel might get quite annoying or might make me paranoid that people might be able to take stuff out of it without me knowing. I feel like they should have done something like but a button or a magnet on the flap to make it stay down. But other than that I absolutely love it and can’t wait to take it with me when I next go on holiday at Christmas.

Warm Hands, Warm Heart Travel Mug Set £14


I love the idea of this travel mug – the design is also absolutely beautiful with the marble background, copper writing and coral lid. I love that it is made of plastic, which makes it much lighter than most travel mugs that are ceramic. It also has a screw on lid, which great because it prevents the drink inside spilling.

You can also get this mug in a set with some fingerless gloves but as it came in the backpack I didn’t see any point in getting that set.

The Key to Inspiration £6 


The key ring is also adorable with the copper and coral design and it will be going on my car keys as I have recently started to learn to drive.

Once Upon A Time Journal £14

One of my favourites of the whole collection has to be this notebook.
It is  such good quality for the price and it is just beautiful! The grey colour and the copper embossing on the front makes it look really expensive. I also love how throughout the book there are little quotations to keep you inspired.
I think I am going to use this notebook for blog post planning to make it that bit more exciting.
It also has the name of one of my favourite TV shows on the front! What more could you want?

Write on Point £5

The pencils also match the notebook perfectly and have really cute little sayings on them in copper text, like Love from and Hugs & Kisses, which makes them feel that bit more special.



She Designed A Life She Loved Stationary Set £10 


I also love this stationary set – I am a bit of a stationary/post it note/list addict so this set is my ultimate stationary dream.
I love how there is a weekly planner and post it notes as these are really helpful for remembering things you need to do for each day. This is going to come in very handy for school as I have so much work now I’m in Upper Sixth so hopefully this will help me keep track of everything I have to do.
Again, this set looks such high quality and the design is absolutely gorgeous so I am very happy with this purchase and I will be using it on a regular basis.


Gingerbread Village Candle £10 

I am in love with the scent of this candle! It is so Christmassy, warm and cozy and it makes me feel so warm and comforted.
The packaging of the candles is amazing and so unique – as you open the candle it folds out with a beautiful picture on the inside, in this case some gingerbread house cookies. It makes opening the candle that big more special.
I love how sleek and sophisticated the packaging looks as it is so clean and elegant with the plain glass and modern lettering of the scent on the front.


Naps Fix Everything Cushion £12


This cushion is so soft and comfy!
The front side is a kind of canvas material and the back is a velvety kind of material and it also has little pink pom-poms on the corners – it’s so cute and adds a bit of comfort to any room. It also matches really well with my room and I keep it on my bed so I can see it everyday.
It’s true though, naps do fix everything!

There are still some things that I would love to try from this collection but at the moment I am extremely happy with all the products that I have and I can’t wait to start using them.

I’m not going to lie, as soon as I finished taking these photos yesterday I went and lit the Gingerbread Village candle because I’ve been desperate to light it for days but have had to take the photos!

My Zoella Lifestyle wish list:

  • Lazy Day Fragranced Candle & Socks
  • Homemade Treats Reed Diffuser
  • Another Gingerbread Village Candle

Overall, I think this range is my favourite that Zoë has brought out – I feel like it is much more sophisticated and grown up than the other ranges she has brought out which I love. Don’t get me wrong, I still love all of her bath & body products but this range has to be my favourite.
The copper and marble theme is honestly beautiful and I think Zoë has done incredibly well!
I am very proud of her and you can see that she has worked so hard on it, like she does for everything she brings out, and I can’t wait to see what else she brings out in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Leave me a comment if you have picked up anything from this range and what you thought of it.
See you next week,

EmiMarie x

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Zoella Lifestyle Haul & Review | Zoella Lifestyle Haul & Review | Zoella Lifestyle Haul & Review

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