October Favourites 2016

October Favourites 2016

Hey Everyone, I know it is a little late but I wanted to share my October Favourites 2016. There aren’t that many things that I have been loving but I thought I would share them with you anyway.


My fashion favourite for this month is the Scarf you can see in the background; my mum bought it for me when she went to Brighton and I absolutely love it! It is such a me scarf, my favourite colour is orange and the colours I wear for pretty much the whole of Autumn are burgundy/purple and black. It is the perfect length as you can either wear it wrapped around your neck or have it just hanging down either side. It is also such a lovely material and isn’t too itchy, I find it really hard to wear scarfs that are itchy so this one is perfect.



I have been wearing this necklace pretty much every day for months now so I knew I had to include it in my favourites. It is a Zodiac sign necklace from Anna Saccone’s Jewellery collection that you can find here; my necklace is the Taurus Rose Gold Necklace on the Medium Chain. I bought this partly because I love the Sacconejolys but when it arrived I fell in love with it; it is so simple and easy to wear and it goes with everything I wear so I love it.




I recently made an order from Superdrug and have been loving both of my purchases. The first thing I picked up was the Zoella Beauty Hungry Hands Hand cream from the Christmas collection. I loved the original hand cream from the collection so I thought I would pick up the Christmassy one to use in winter as my hands get horribly dry.


The second thing I picked up from Superdrug was the new Tanya Burr lipstick in ‘Pink Cocoa’. It is such a pretty shade for Autumn/Winter as it is the perfect mix of brown and pink.


Something you may have seen in my Autumn Tag post is this Jo Malone cologne in ‘Earl Grey & Cucumber’ and it is my favourite scent to wear in the Autumn (well most of the year actually) and as you can see I have nearly run out as it has been well-loved. It sounds like such a weird scent but it is so lovely and I would definitely recommend giving it a smell.


Another product that has nearly run out is this mini Bioderma Micellar water. I have seen loads of people talking about how great this is so I thought I would try this mini size before I bought the larger size incase I didn’t like it and I have actually really enjoyed using it. It is great to take off make up and I tend to use this when I am feeling really lazy and can’t be bothered to cleanse properly. It is also quite hydrating so it is great to use in the winter.

Bath & Body 


I started trying this out recently and have really enjoyed it. I love taking baths in the winter to warm up before I go to bed and I have loved using this; it says it helps you ‘relax, ease muscles and re-energise’ and I would definitely say it is very relaxing. My muscles have also been quite sore at the moment and this has really helped relax them.



I guess you could count this as ‘Tech’ but I recently got this new ‘Gold Fleck’ phone case from Urban Outfitters as my previous one was very summery. I have been wanting a phone case like this for so long and when I saw this in the shop I knew I had to pick it up.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if there are any products you have been loving that you think I should try.

See you next week with another post,

EmiMarie x

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