Exciting News…

Exciting News…

Hey Everyone, today I thought I would share with you some Exciting News…

There isn’t going to be a proper post today as there will be lots coming up later this week because this year I have decided to do BLOGMAS!!

I am so excited about this because Christmas is by far my favourite time of year so I wanted to share my love of Christmas with you guys.

I will be posting every other day in December – however, I will start posting on the 1st then the 2nd and it will then continue every other day , so the next post will be the 4th…I hope that makes some sort of sense…!

I am really excited about this as I love blogging and sharing things with you so I hope you enjoy all my Christmassy posts.

Also be sure to follow me on all my social media to see any updates throughout the month.

See you on Thursday for the first post!

EmiMarie x

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