Favourite Christmas PJs

Favourite Christmas PJs

Today I thought I would share with you some of the my Favourite Christmas Pjs that I have found this year that I really like.
You can find all of them either from Asos or Topshop and they will all be linked up below.

New Look Elf Pyjama Set 


I saw this PJ set and thought it was so funny!
My mum isn’t a big fan of Will Farrel so wouldn’t let me get these but if you are a big Elf fan, or know someone who is a big Elf fan, I would recommend you getting these.

Chelsea Peers Skiing Penguin Pyjamas 


This is probably the least Chrismassy set out of all of them but I have these pair myself and they are so soft and cosy.
I absolutely love wearing them as they are so comfy and would definetly recommend getting yourself a pair.
They are slightly more pricey but they are such good quality and fit really well.

Topshop Daschund Sleep T-Shirt 


If you have someone in your life who loves Daschund’s or loves dogs in general then this would be a great Christmas gift.
It is absolutely adorable and would be great for any dog lover out there.

ASOS Christmas Gingerbread Man Pyjama Set 


These are the pyjamas that I will be taking with me to wear on holiday as I am spending it in a hot country but I still wanted to be festive.
They are so cute with the little gingerbread people on the top and the snow flakes on the bottom and they are still really comfy.

New Look Home Alone Pyjama Set 


This is another film related set but this time with home alone. If you are a fan of Home Alone you will get the reference but I really like this set as it looks so Christmasy while still being funny.

Asos Santa Oversized Sleep Tee 


This is more of an oversized t-shirt/sleep t-shirt which I think can be quite nice. It’s quite a basic design which I like as sometimes you don’t want to go for something over the top – I also love anything grey so I really like this.

I hope you liked my choices – let me know if there is anything you are loving this year.

See you in a few days with a new post,

EmiMarie x

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