Favourite Vlogmas videos 2016 

Favourite Vlogmas videos 2016 

For my last post for Blogmas I thought I would do something a little different and more chilled, and share with you my favourite Vlogmas videos 2016.
I know Vlogmas is technically over for this year but I love to go back and watch these videos to keep the Christmas feeling going a little bit longer and I thought you might like to as well.

The first persons videos that I have been loving this year is Zoë Sugg aka Zoella – you might have guessed from some of my past blog posts that I am a huge fan of Zoë and her videos and she is a big inspiration for me. I have absolutely loved her Vlogmas videos this year as they never fail to put me in the festive spirit and make me feel all cozy and happy. Her videos are very long so they are ones to watch when you have a big more time to sit down and chill, but they are great none the less.

My favourite vlogs from Zoë so far have been ‘THE CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN BEGINS’ or ‘PARTY TIME’

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Lily Pebbles is someone I have been watching on YouTube for a few years now and have been lucky enough to meet her twice and would have to say she is definitely one of my favourite Youtubers as she is so down to earth and I love all of her videos. This year she hasn’t done a Vlogmas where she uploads everyday, she has uploaded when she feels like it and has the time to, which I thought was great. I love the style of Lily’s videos and they always make me feel really relaxed and make me smile.

My favourite vlogs from Lily so far have been ‘I WON AN AWARD!’ or ‘IT’S SNOWING!’

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I have also really been loving TheAnnaEdit – I was also lucky enough to meet Anna earlier this year and she was so lovely and I hope I get the chance to meet her again in the future. Anna has also not stuck to the typical Vlogmas style but has been uploading weekly vlogs with all the days combined which I thought was a really good idea and sometimes I find weekly vlogs easier to watch as each day follows onto the next nicely. Anna also quickly became in of my favourite Youtubers as she is always so smiley and positive and her videos never fail to put me in a good mood.

My favourite weekly vlog from Anna so far has been ‘The Christmas Vlog #2’

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I watch the Sacconejolys vlogs anyway on a daily basis but I love them even more during the Christmas period – they don’t do Vlogmas because they do daily vlogs anyway but I still wanted to include them.
I love seeing how excited Emilia and Eduardo get for Christmas and it makes me so happy knowing they have another little one on the way. One of the things I find so amazing about family vloggers is that, as a viewer, you can watch the children grow up and see how they change and  I find that so lovely and it must be amazing for them to be able to watch back their videos and see how their children have changed. There are so many videos to choose from for these guys so I can’t choose just one but definitely head over to their channel and give their videos a watch, you won’t regret it!

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Finally, Carly Rowena has also been doing Vlogmas this year and I love her vlogs anyway so Christmassy vlogs are even better! Carly is so happy and energetic and her videos always make me feel so motivated to get out and off my but to do something productive. Carly is another person who I was lucky enough to meet this year and she was so lovely and positive and I’m so glad I got the chance to meet her. Plus her dog Steven is too cute, why would you not to want to watch her vlogs?

My favourite vlog from Carly so far has been ‘VLOGMAS 7 & 8 – CRAZY YOUTUBE CHRISTMAS PARTY’

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Everyone’s channels:


I hope you liked this post and I hope either introduced you to some amazing new people to watch on YouTube or that you share my love for these wonderful people!

Let me know if there are any YouTubers you think I should be watching.

I hope you liked my first attempt at Blogmas this year! What has your favourite post from me been?

EmiMarie x

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    I absolutely LOVE the SacconeJolys – they’re such a lovely family and the children are so cute!

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