Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick Review

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Today I thought I would do a beauty review on the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick.
I have always been a fan of Charlotte Tilbury, the quality of the products are amazing and the packaging is beautiful and that all comes with quite a big price tag. The only negative I have is that none of the foundations in the collection are light enough for my skin tone, which is annoying considering Charlotte Tilbury herself is a red-head like me.

I was so excited when I saw Charlotte Tilbury was releasing this new lipstick, I have loved the Pillow Talk lip liner for a long time and when I saw a lipstick version was being released I couldn’t wait for the release.
Considering how popular the lip liner is I’m surprised this launch didn’t come sooner.

This lipstick was exclusively launched online and in certain larger stores and is limited edition but I feel like if it keeps being as well received as it has been already then it might become part of the permanent collection.

As they are Charlotte Tilbury they aren’t the cheapest lipsticks on the market but because they are such high quality I would say they are worth the price tag (part of which you are probably paying for the beautiful packaging).

The lipstick prices at £24 and the lip liner at £16 and they are a perfect combination.

Find it online on the Charlotte Tilbury website here:
Pillow Talk Lipstick
Pillow Talk Lip Liner




Pillow Talk is a matte pinky nude, that is a ‘your lips but better’ colour and matches the Pillow Talk lip liner perfectly – it isn’t too light or too dark and would look great on lots of different skin tones.
It is a very wearable colour and could be applied lightly to have a more natural look or darker with the lip liner to go for more of a night look.

Even though it is a matte formula it isn’t drying on the lips at all and it lasts for a long period of time, especially when applied with the lip liner.



I hope you enjoyed this post – let me know what you think of the lipstick if you have tried it.

I would 100% recommend the Pillow Talk lipstick if you love Charlotte Tilbury and have tried and loved the Pillow Talk lip liner.

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5 TV Shows to Binge Watch

Hey Everyone,

Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite TV Shows that I would 100% recommend Binge watching.
I’ve never done a post like this before but I have been wanting to for a while so I thought I would share it.

Most of these TV Shows you can watch on Netflix in the UK, but Glee you cannot.
Netflix is my saviour when watching TV shows as most of the TV shows I watch are shown on there and most of them aren’t shown on UK TV so this is the only place I can watch them.

*NO SPOILERS about any of these shows*




Glee is my all time favourite TV show!
This is the show that I will always watch if I am feeling down or sad and am in the need of something happy and fun to cheer me up – it is definitely a feel good programme.

Glee is about a group of ambitious misfits who try to escape the harsh realities of high school by joining a glee club, where they find strength, acceptance and, ultimately, their voice, while working to pursue dreams of their own. It follows their lives through high school and beyond with the struggles of relationships, sexuality, high school and the future.

One of my favourite parts of this show is the musical numbers that they perform; in Glee they are done in such a way that they aren’t too cheesy and make more sense as they take place in a choir room format rather than them just breaking out into song randomly like most musicals.

Favourite Female character: Brittney S Pierce played by Heather Morris
Favourite Male character: Blaine Anderson played by Darren Criss




I love this TV show so much!!
If I’m 100% honest it isn’t the best made TV show but I love the characters so much that I don’t mind at all.
This TV show is based on The Mortal Instruments Books by Cassandra Clare that are some of the most amazing books I have ever read – Cassie is such an amazing writer.
As I read the books before watching the TV show, I already had an emotional connection with the characters so I feel like I would like the show no matter what it was like.

Shadowhunters follows Clary Fray, who is a normal teenager living in Brooklyn with her mother. One day, she discovers that she is descended from a line of Shadowhunters; humans born with angelic blood that fight to protect our world from demons. After her mother is kidnapped, Clary must team up with three Shadowhunters: Jace, Alec and Isabelle and her best friend Simon on a quest to find her mother and recover her past.

As I said, this TV show is based on the Mortal Instruments books, however, the TV show doesn’t follow the exact storyline of the books which I actually quite like because nothing is predictable and too boring. Obviously the main plot points are the same and the important things that happen to the characters but the storyline in between that is different. I feel like this is especially good for people like me who have read the books and know what happens.

Favourite Female character: Isabelle Lightwood played by Emeraude Tobia
Favourite Male character: Alec Lightwood played by Matthew Daddario 😍
(also Magnus Bane played by Harry Shum Jr)

Once Upon A Time



As soon as I heard about this programme I knew it was something I was going to love.

The show takes place in the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine, whose residents are characters from various fairy tales transported to the “real world” town and robbed of their real memories by a powerful curse. It follows the heroine Emma Swan as she protects the town and its inhabitants from various curses and villains, both in Storybooke and other realms.

I love the idea of how they took traditional fairy tale characters that everyone loves and put them in the real world and changed some of their stories. You see lots of different sides to the characters you love and follow them on journeys you would never have seen before.

The show is now on its 6th season which is pretty impressive, but I do think that it is kind of losing it’s spark – I still love all of the characters and their relationships but I feel like they are running out of ideas, which is sad. Season 1-3 are definitely my favourites.

Favourite Female character: Emma Swan played by Jennifer Morrison
Favourite Male character: Killian Jones aka Captain Hook played by Colin O’Donoghue

Gossip Girl



This TV show isn’t anything new and I’m sure pretty much everyone has heard of it but I heard about it for years and only got round to watching it last year.
I don’t know why I hadn’t watched it sooner because it is so good and so addictive.
I think I knew who Gossip Girl was before I started watching it because I heard someone talking about it, I wasn’t 100% sure because I had forgotten but it was in the back of my mind.

Gossip Girl, a ruthless and mysterious blogger reveals secrets about teens in upper east side New York. With roller coaster romances and piles of secrets hiding away for Gossip Girl to find, this show is sure to bring the upper east side and its drama into our lives.

Gossip Girl is a really easy to watch TV show, there is nothing that is too hard to understand and it has a really good plot.
It shows you what it might be like to live and grow up on the Upper East Side of New York.
I think one of the reasons I love this TV show is because it is set in New York and New York is my favourite city in the world.

Favourite Female character: Serena Van Der Woodsen played by Blake Lively
Favourite Male character: Nate Archibald played by Chase Crawford




This is a very new TV show that started at the beginning of 2017 – there aren’t that many episodes at the moment but I am really enjoying it so far.
This show is based on the Archie comics that have been around for 75 years – I never read these comics and never knew anything about the show before I started watching it but I don’t feel like you need to know a lot about it before you start watching it.

Riverdale is a subversive take on Archie and his friends, exploring small town life, the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome facade.

When this TV show first came out and heard about it I was a bit scepticle about watching it because I had heard it was really scary and I’m not a big fan of anything remotely scary. However, I decided to give it a try after so many people told me I would like it and found out it really isn’t scary at all. It is a bit creepy and dark as it follows a murder mystery but it isn’t terrifying at all and I am so glad I started watching it.

Favourite Female character: Betty Cooper played by Lili Reinhart
Favourite Male character: Jughead Jones played by Cole Sprouse

I would highly reccomend watching all of these TV shows if you are looking for a new TV show to watch.

I hope you liked this post, let me know if you would like to see more posts like this – I was thinking about doing separate posts on my current favourites that are still being aired on TV such as Shadowhunters and Riverdale, do let me know if that is something that you would like to read.

If you are a fan of any of these TV shows let me know!

See you next week with a new post,

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#LilyAnnaJumpers Review

Hey Everyone,

Today I am going to share with you one of the ‘fashion’ pieces I have been loving at the moment. I don’t know if you could count this as fashion because it is more loungewear/pyjamas but I literally live in loungewear so it is my kind of fashion.
These jumpers have been my favourite jumpers ever since I got them in December and I mentioned them in my January Favourites if you haven’t seen that already.

At the beginning of December, Lily Pebbles and Anna from TheAnnaEdit who are two of my favourite YouTubers and bloggers released two jumpers to raise money for the charity Look Good Feel Better and I fell in love with them so knew I had to buy them.

Lily and Anna are two of my all time favourite YouTubers and was lucky enough to meet them both at the SWALK they did in aid of Look Good Feel Better and I also met Lily at LouiseLIVE in London.

They released two jumpers with different sayings on the front: one saying “Loungewear for Life” and the other saying “#Nomakeupday”.
I picked up one of each but my favourite is the Loungewear for Life one.

They are so cozy and comfortable and I have been living in them with these cold winter days we have been having in the UK.
They are such amazing quality and fit so well – they may be loungewear jumpers but they are still really flattering. They are slightly longer than a normal jumper so you can wear them with leggings and they have a slightly wide neck which I really like. They are sooo soft, so much so that I don’t want to wash them incase they lose their softness.

One of the things I love about this collaboration is how all of the money raised goes straight to Look Good Feel Better – Lily and Anna are both digital ambassadors for the charity and have done so many things to help the charity and I find it so inspiring.
I have seen the work that they are doing with Look Good Feel better as I went to a SWALK last year that they also took part in and I love how they are using their online community to raise money and raise awareness for this great charity.

I think there are a few more of the “Loungewear for Life” jumpers left on the website if you want to pick one up but there are very limited now because they were put on sale quite a while ago but I would highly recommend them and you will be supporting an amazing cause.
(I may have picked them up in two sizes because I love them so much….ooops!)

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Let me know if you have these jumpers or love Lily and Anna as much as I do.

See you next week with a new post,

EmiMarie x

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True Tea Club Box Review

Hey Everyone,

A week or two ago I got an email from the True Tea Club asking if I wanted to try out some of their teas through their tea subscription box. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited because this is the first company that has reached out to me to try their products since I started blogging so I was very happy!
As soon as I received the email I knew this was something I would love to try – if you know me you know I love tea but not the traditional English Breakfast tea so I love how this service allows you to try lots of different unique teas.

About the Company

The True Tea Club is a company based in York, North Yorkshire in the UK.

They specialise in 7 loose leaf teas – white tea, green tea, black tea, oolong, chai, rooibos and herbal tea.

The subscription boxes are released on the 20th every month but boxes are also sent out all the time in between this.

Delivery is free in the UK.
International Delivery is £3.75.

There are 3 different levels of subscription:

1) Standard (40 teas/£10 per month)
2) Premium (60 teas/£15 per month)
3) Deluxe (80 teas/£20 per month)

In each box you will receive: 4 different loose leaf teas (which change every month), 4 empty tea bags, a welcome card, a business card and a tailor card.

If you don’t want to receive a certain type of tea then all you need to do is let them know by leaving a note at checkout.

You can cancel the box at anytime, there are no long standing commitments.

Subscribers can also receive an exclusive 15% off the online shop where you can buy any teas you love from the subscription box.

You can receive 50% off your first subscription box using the code “LOVE” at the checkout.


I was so impressed when the box arrived as it arrived pretty fast. I love how the packaging is very basic as there is no wasted packaging and nonsense that you never need or use again. I also love how this box comes with tea bags that you can put the loose teas in as not everyone will have a tea strainer at home.

The packaging of the teas is so cute and they are so helpful as they tell you a bit about each tea on the front and have information such as how long to brew it for and at what temperature.
The teas that I received in my box were: Vanilla Cupcake, Earl Grey Rebel, Mighty Mango and Rainbow Chaser.
They all sound amazing and I couldn’t wait to try them when I opened the box. I was also very happy because Earl Grey is my favourite tea.




Rainbow Chaser: a magical concoction of apple pieces, blackberry leaves, peppermint and orange peel.
I loved this tea, it is very calming and it reminds me quite a lot of Chamomile tea. I also love to add a bit of honey into it to add a bit of sweetness, which tastes so yummy.

Earl Grey Rebel: A rebel in its own right. This loose tea provides a rich taste of assam leaves with bergamot and adroitly joins forces with orange flavouring.
This was my favourite tea from the box and the one that I knew I would love because Earl Grey tea is my favourite.

Vanilla Cupcake: an exotic and smooth vanilla rooibos which provides a velvet-mouth feel. An added dash of Banana chips amplifies this infusion into a heavenly status.
This tea wasn’t my favourite as it was a bit too sweet for me as I’m not the biggest fan of vanilla but if you have a big sweet tooth and love vanilla then I think you will really like this.

Mighty Mango: Mellow like a Californian beach, the sencha basis is surrounded by bright sunflower blossoms, which relaxes in harmony with the fruity mango flavour.
I love fruity teas so I really liked this tea, mango is also one of my favourite fruits so it was great for me!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Make sure to check out the True Tea Company’s website and pick up a subscription box.

Remember, you can receive 50% off your first subscription box using the code “LOVE” at the checkout.

Follow the True Tea Company on social media and visit their website to order yourself one of their amazing tea boxes:

Instagram – @trueteaclub
Twitter – @trueteaclub
Facebook – @trueteaclub
Website –

See you next week with a new post,

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