Riverdale Season 1 Review

Riverdale Season 1 Review

Today I thought I would do something a little different and review the TV Show Riverdale. Season 1 of Riverdale recently finished so I thought I would share my thoughts about it with a Riverdale Season 1 Review.

Riverdale is an American teen drama TV series based on the characters from the Archie Comics. It is about a group of teenagers and their life surrounding the murder of their classmate Jason Blossom. We follow this group of characters as they try and find out who did this horrible thing and their struggles on the way.


*Spoiler Warning* 
There will be spoilers in this post so if you haven’t watched the show then I would recommend watching it before reading this.

I had heard about Riverdale for a while before I started to watch it and I had heard lots of good things about it. But I had also heard that it was very dark and scary and I don’t usually watch things like that.
But eventually I took the plunge and just started watching it and I fell in love with it!
It isn’t nearly as dark and scary as people made it out to be, which I was very relieved about.

The Plot 

Overall I think the plot idea was really good! I love how we didn’t find out who killed Jason until right at the very end because it kept you waiting and kept you on edge until the very end. However, one thing that did annoy me was that there were no clues to who the killer was throughout the show – I love it when you can figure out who might have been the killed throughout the show and have some ideas but in this case there were no hints and I had no idea!
I also don’t think it was greatly written and I find some of the lines they say sooo cringey and badly written, especially in Episode 1, but the show still kept me hooked and I wanted to keep watching.

I am very intrigued about what they are going to do with Season 2 – especially because of how episode 13 ended with Archie’s dad being shot.
I am very happy that season 2 will have 20 episodes because 13 definitely wasn’t enough for me.

Least Favourite Episode: 

I would have to say my least favourite episode was episode 3 because I felt like it didn’t add anything to the storyline.
It emphasised the stereotypes of jocks being mean and treating girls badly and made it seem like women can’t protect themselves and made them seem weak, which I didn’t really like. I also didn’t like the bit with Betty and Veronica with Chuck in the swimming pool because it made Betty seem really violent and I wasn’t a fan of ‘Dark Betty’ in this scene.

Favourite Episode: 

It is so hard to choose a favourite episode but it would probably have to be episode 12 or 13 as they were both so intense and I was on the edge of my seat the whole way thorough both of them.
The last 10 minutes of episode 12 were so suspenseful as we were waiting to find out who killed Jason and I was quite surprised with who it was but I also had suspicions throughout the season and he was one of those.

The Characters and Cast

Riverdale (1).jpg

I love all of the actors on this show – I love how well they work together and I think they are all great actors!

BETTY – At the start of the show we see her as the perfect girl with the perfect life – she has her perfect nuclear family and is in love with the boy next door but as the show progresses we see that this isn’t the case and her family life is the opposite of perfect and that she falls in love with the boy from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’.
I like how we see her standing up for herself, especially with her mum and I love how much she cares about other people and always wants to make things right and she does this by trying to figure out who killed Jason.
I love how strong she is and how she never lets anything go that is important to her, such as when she wanted to find her sister Polly, she was the one that went to find her and got her to come home.
I also like how we see her ‘dark-side’ as it shows she isn’t just a one-sided character and we do see that she has her own inner demons just like everyone else does.
I think that alongside Jughead, Betty is my favourite character.


ARCHIE – I don’t really have much to say about Archie; I do like him as a character but I don’t find there to be anything interesting about him. I also hate is part of the storyline with Miss Grundy.
The only episode I found him particularly interesting in was Episode 13 where he went to save Cheryl from drowning and he was punching the ice. I found this was a much more interesting side to Archie and would love to see more of that in Season 2.
I feel like as Archie is one of the main characters they should have made more of an effort to add more depth to his character.


VERONICA – I do like Veronica as a character and I love her friendship with Betty and Archie but I find her lines are the most worst dialogue out of all the characters. I feel like the writers are trying to make her seem too cool and are trying to be too up to date that they went a bit overboard. Another thing that bothers me is how she dresses, I understand that she is rich and used to live in New York but seriously, who wears pencil skirts, pearls and heels to school?


JUGHEAD – I think Jughead is one of my favourite characters, partly because I have loved Cole Sprouse ever since I saw him on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and the Suite Life on Deck, but I love his character as well.
I love how witty and clever he is without being over the top and I love it when we see sides to him that show his sensitive side and when he is more vulnerable.
I also love his relationship with Betty; I love how it opens up that vulnerable side and we see that when they are together.
One thing that I don’t really like about him is the narration that he gives throughout the episodes, I don’t think it adds much to the show and I feel like it takes away from his character rather than adds to it.


CHERYL – I think Cheryl is a crazy person but I love that about her!
She does have a troubled life as her brother died and her parents are also creepy and slightly crazy. Especially when she finds out her father killed her brother this pushes her over the edge and she tries to kill herself and burn her house down.
I feel like if she wasn’t a total bitch most of the time, her character wouldn’t be very interesting and she would get a bit lost in the show.
However, I do find her quite annoying because she flits between being a total bitch and trying to get people to like her and that did start to bother me towards the end. I also find that sometimes they go a bit too far with how crazy she can be.
Also, her hair is just incredible! I also have ginger hair but hers is just amazing and I wish mine looked like hers did all the time!


Kevin: I really like Kevin as I think he is really funny and I love his friendship with Betty but I do feel like the writers overdid the whole ‘Gay Best Friend’ thing. I do also like how his father is the Sheriff as that adds to the drama of the show.


Random side-note: 

Another thing that I absolutely love about the show is how aesthetically and visually pleasing it is. All the shots are framed so nicely and carefully and the colours are so vibrant and contrasting and I love it!
I do Media A-Level so things like this are always very pleasing to me.




Overall I really love Riverdale and I can’t wait for it to come back for Season 2. I love the actors in the show and the characters and parts of the plot but I do think that there are areas for improvement such as with the lines and the dialogue. But it is only in Season 1 so I can’t wait to see where the writers and the actors take the show in Season 2.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Riverdale Season 1 Review!

Let me know if you have watched Riverdale and what you thought about it because I would love to talk to you guys about it.

See you next week with a new post,

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    Great review! Can’t wait for the next season either

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      Thank you! Me too I’m so excited 😊

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