New York High Line

I have been lucky enough go to New York the past two summers and it quickly became one of my favourite places in the world. I took so many photos as I wanted to capture the memories and have them to look back on.
One of my favourite things that we did on these trips was visit the High Line. It is amazing because it is this long stretch of this old railway line that has been transformed into a beautiful garden walkway.
The views of the city below are incredible, there are amazing pieces of artwork all along it as well as so many beautiful plants and flowers.

We only managed to walk a small part of it because it was so hot but we also got distracted by the Chelsea Markets which are located underneath part of the High Line.

I have lots of photos that I took from when we visited and I wanted to share some of them with you – I hope you like them.







This is a really cute cafe under the stairs at the start of the High Line.








When we went the first time there was this stand selling shaved ice called ‘People’s Pops’ and to make it they scraped the ice off a solid block of ice right in front of you, which was so cool!
They have lots of different flavours of syrup that change every day – the flavour we had was lime and chamomile and it was so delicious and perfect for a hot summers day.







I know this was a bit of a random post but I hope you enjoyed seeing my photos.
If you are ever in New York, especially in the summer, I would highly recommend visiting the High Line.

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