Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review

The Naked Heat Palette is yet another hyped product by Urban Decay but in my opinion, quite rightly so.

When I first saw this palette I thought it was absolutely beautiful but told myself I didn’t need it and convinced myself that it wouldn’t suit me but after I kept seeing it again and again I fell more in love with it.



The eyeshadows in this palette are so highly pigmented and super easy to blend, as with all the Urban Decay eyeshadows.
This palette is great for those who use darker eyeshadows regularly but if you haven’t used these kind of eyeshadows before you might want to be quite careful because of the fact they are highly pigmented.

The packaging of this palette is so pretty and I love the colour theme that they have used.
I have heard mixed reviews about the packaging of this palette and I have heard lots of people say that they think the packaging is very tacky and plasticky and I do agree with that partially.
However, I still love the colours and design of the packaging, and the fact that it is plastic makes it really easy to clean as some other palettes I have used get very dirty very quickly and aren’t easy to clean.
Another random thing that I like about the packaging is the fact that it shuts magnetically; I personally find that really satisfying and I love it.

I love the huge mirror that comes with the palette! Mirrors like this one are so helpful for when doing your makeup, especially when travelling.

The size of the shadows is great as you get so much product in the palette so it will last you a seriously long time.

I found the eyeshadows to be very long lasting, if I wore them with eye shadow primer – if I don’t wear eyeshadow primer then eyeshadows come off very quickly for me.
I did find that after a few hours they did start to fade a bit, especially the shimmery shades but the base colours stayed on for a long time.

Great colour selection – there are 12 colours in the palette (7 mattes and 5 shimmers) which I think is a great number and I love the ratio of mattes to shimmers.
I like how there are more matte shades because they are the ones that are more wearable for everyday.

My favourite shades are: Sauced (3rd), Low Blow (4th) and Lumbre (5th).



The brush that comes with this palette is pretty rubbish and I never use it; it doesn’t blend the eyeshadows properly and doesn’t pick up much product on the brush.
The brushes I used instead are the Zoeva Luxe Soft Definer brush and the Zoeva Luxe Petite Crease brush and a Real Techniques eye shadow brush from the new PowderBleu Collection.
I think it would have been better to not include the brush and leave more space for the eye shadows or simply make the palette smaller.

I said before that the shadows last a long time and most of them do but the shimmer ones do fade much more quickly than the matte ones.

I might not wear some of the darker eyeshadows towards the right of the palette such as En Fuego and Ashes but that isn’t too much of a problem for me.


Overall, I love this palette and have been using it every time I wear eyeshadow since I got it.
It is a whole palette of warm toned eyeshadows which are my favourites and literally all I wear. It has a great selection of both matte and shimmer shades that are all highly pigmented, easy to blend and long lasting.

I have loved wearing these eyeshadows through the last few weeks of the summer and I can’t wait to continue wearing them all throughout Autumn as these are the perfect Autumnal shades.

I would highly recommend this palette to anyone who loves warm toned eyeshadows and is a fan of the Urban Decay eyeshadows.

Let me know if you have tried this palette and what you thought of it!

See you next week with a new post,

EmiMarie x

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10 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review

    1. The pigmentation is pretty good! It depends how dark you want to go and what look you are going for but most of the time I layer different shades on top of each other – hope this helps!


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