October Favourites 2017

October Favourites 2017

Today I thought I would do an October Favourites 2017; I have had a few favourites this month, quite a lot of them being beauty related, so I thought I would share them with you.
I haven’t done a favourites post since August so I thought it was about time I did another one.
These are some of my favourite posts to read because I love finding new things to try out (and probably because I am nosy).

If you didn’t see on my last post or you don’t follow me on Twitter then you may not know that I will be posting twice a week throughout the whole of November so keep an eye out every Wednesday at 9am and every Sunday at 4pm for a new post from me!


If you saw my Glossier Haul a few weeks ago you may have seen that I when I tried the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the Super Pure serum I really liked them and I have been continuously loving them over this past month.
I found that they both have made a big difference to my skin this month and have definitely noticed a difference since using them which is amazing!

Another beauty favourite that I have been loving is the Selfie Story collection by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I have tried a few of Tanya’s products before but nothing really stuck out to me as being my favourite until this range came out.
I was really intrigued when it came out as it looked great so I thought I would just give it a try to see what it was all about and as soon as I did I fell in love.
This year I started doing my eyebrows properly and have been trying to find an eyebrow product that I love and that works on me that wasn’t too expensive and now I have found it with the Selfie Sculpt eyebrow pencil.
I have it in the colour Blonde, which doesn’t match my eyebrow shade perfectly but it is very similar and I love the product itself so it doesn’t really bother me.
My other favourite from the range is the Selfie Lash mascara; mascara is one of my favourite make up products and I am always on the hunt for the perfect mascara so I really wanted to try this one and I love it! It makes my lashes look so long and separated and I will be using and re-purchasing this mascara for a long time.
I will hopefully have a review of these two products coming in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Another kind of beauty favourite that I have been loving this month is the Snowella Body Mist by Zoella Beauty.
I have been wanting to try this out for ages and see what it smelt like because I love all of the fragrances that Zoe has brought out so far so was really interested to see what this one was like and yet again I fell in love with it and have been using it ever since.
The scent has notes of peony, mint and pink pepper so it is a super fresh and pretty scent that is just perfect for winter time and I love love love it!


If you know me, you will know that I love Frozen, and in particular Olaf from Frozen; I literally adore him so whenever I see anything Olaf related I get rather excited (yes I am 5 years old at heart), so when I saw this limited edition Olaf Tangle Teezer I had to get it.
I am not ashamed to say that I love it and use it so I had to include it in my favourites!

If you know me this favourite is so unlike me because I barely ever drink; I haven’t ever found a drink that I actually like and alcohol also doesn’t really agree with my body because of my anxiety etc.
However, I remember ages ago in a vlog, Lily Pebbles went to visit the Sipsmith gin distillery and one of the gins she tried and loved was the London Cup gin and when she was describing it I thought it sounded so nice so I tried to look for it whenever I went shopping but couldn’t find it.
It wasn’t until sometime in October that I found it in John Lewis and my mum bought it for me. They suggest that this type of gin should be served with lemonade so that’s what I did and I tried it and loved it!

This month I also thought I would include some random favourites such as my favourite moments and favourites songs of the month.

I have two favourite moments from this month one being going to HelloWorld and the other being getting a super special message from my friend that I used to go to school with.
Even though it was at the end of the month, going to HelloWorld was such a special favourite to me this month because I had the best time and met some of my favourite people but also because I got to go with one of my best friends Paige.
I met Paige through Twitter and we have been talking for almost two years now but only met each other in person this year – it was so amazing to have the chance to go to HelloWorld with her because we live so far away from each other but we got to spend the whole day together sharing our love for the same thing and I just had the best time!

Earlier this month I got the most unexpected message from a girl I used to go to school with called Hoi Hang and it honestly made my day and I will always remember it because it really made me smile.
She said “this might be a bit random but I really love your blog! It came up on my Instagram recommendations and I’ve been reading it weekly ever since, your photos are so professional (really like Lily Pebbles or Anna’s which I have been reading for a long time!) and I hope you keep doing it cause it’s really good!”
I just had to mention it because it was something I will remember from this month, so Hoi Hang if you are reading, thank you so much!! It meant the world to me 💕

Favourite Blogger 

I thought I would also include a favourite blogger of this month and I have been loving Poppy Deyes particularly this month; I always love her posts and really admire her as a blogger but this month especially.
I was also lucky enough to meet her at HelloWorld at the weekend so that was extra special!

Favourite Songs 

I have a few favourite songs from this month:

  1. Personal by The Vamps
  2. All Night by The Vamps
  3. Breath by Mackenzie Ziegler

The songs from The Vamps are particularly memorable and my favourites because they are the two songs that they played at HelloWorld and whenever I hear them now it always reminds me of the amazing time I had such I love.
Seeing them live has made me love them so much more, they were absolutely incredible and I really want to go see them on tour next year!

If you want to see more photos of The Vamps that I took at HelloWorld then check out my post that is going up on Sunday with all my photos from HelloWorld.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what your favourites for October were!

See you on Sunday with my HelloWorld post,

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