HelloWorld 2017 Photos

HelloWorld 2017 Photos

Last weekend I got the amazing chance to go to HelloWorld, the massive YouTube event in Birmingham. I have so many things to say about HelloWorld so I thought I would write a HelloWorld 2017 Photos post to put all of my feelings and thoughts down and also so that I would have something to look back on to remember the experience.

I apologise in advance for the sheer number of photos in this post because there will be a lot!!

I went with one of my best friends Paige and we had the most amazing time!

We went to the event on the Sunday and the night before I was looking on Twitter to see what had happened the previous day and saw so many tweets saying how bad it was and that you shouldn’t go etc and it made me a bit nervous about going but I was like I don’t care I’m going anyway and I am so glad I did because they couldn’t have been more wrong…I had an amazing time!

I was lucky enough to have VIP Tickets so we got to go in earlier than everyone else and have a tour of the arena by some of the YouTubers.
We all got split up into 5 groups and each group got to be shown round by two YouTubers and for my group we had Mark Ferris and Marcus Butler which I was super happy about.
After we had been shown around the arena we got the chance for a photo with our group leaders and everyone in the group got one which was really nice.

At one point, Paige and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time as we had just walked back into the main street bit and we saw that Alfie and Jim were on the Arcade stage so we thought we will just go and watch what they were talking about as they were having a Q&A and we managed to get to the front of the barriers but to the left of the stage. Then Zoe, Mark, Poppy and Sean came onto the stage which was amazing because they are some of our favourites.
We thought they would just leave after their Q&A but they started going all the way round the edge of the barriers talking photos with people and because we were right at the front we managed to get photos with Zoe and Poppy!! We were also so close to having a photo with Sean but he was literally right next to us but got pulled away because he had to go and do something else which was super annoying!

We also went over to the Baking area at one point to see Tom Daley do some stuff and we were lucky enough to get a photo with him!
I have loved Tom for years and it was crazy that this many years later I got the chance to meet him.

Towards the end of the day there was a massive performance from all the acts that were there and different people did different things.

It started with Marcus where he did something called Marcus Butler’s Wheel of Vom where there was a group of YouTubers around a table and they had to answer questions and if they lied they had to eat something gross. It was really funny to watch and I just love Marcus and think he is hilarious.

I thought this was a super cute picture of Alfie and Jim ☺️

The next people to perform was a band called The New Hope Club I’d never heard of them before HelloWorld but they were so good! They were very similar to The Vamps and I really liked their songs. I also managed to get some good photos of them while they were performing.


Then Oli White did a section that was a game show and there was a competition between the blue team and the red team. On the blue team was Zoe, Mark and Tom Daley (the best team ever!!) and on the red team was Sophia Grace, Saffron Barker and Josh Pieters.

I thought this photo was so cute! (despite someones head being in the way)

I got some super cute photos of Zoe and Mark answering questions together; I love their friendship so much! It is so genuine and sweet!

Then it was Joe’s section and he just really chatted for a bit then handed out some Sugg Life merch to the audience which was cool.

Then it was Louise’s turn and I just love Louise I think she is hilarious and so sweet! She did a story time kind of section and then did a song with Marcus at the end which was so funny and cute!

I managed to get this super cute photo of Louise and Marcus hugging which I thought was so sweet!

My favourite bit was at the very end when The Vamps were playing – they played at the end of the main show and they sang two songs which were Personal and All Night which are my two favourites.

This is my favourite photo that I got of The Vamps – I just thought it looked so cool and summed up their performance perfectly!

I got this photo of when all the YouTubers and stars had some onto the stage to join The Vamps at the end of their performance of ‘All Night’ and it was just a great moment and made me feel so happy to be there in that moment! It was amazing!

I think it is one of my favourite photos from the day along with the one of The Vamps.

I loved writing this post because it gave me a chance to look back on the event and re-live the great time that I had!
It isn’t my usual kind of post but I am happy that I am putting it up because it will be something that I can look back on in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this post with my HelloWorld 2017 Photos!
Let me know if you went to HelloWorld and what you thought of it.

See you on Wednesday with a new post!

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  1. November 5, 2017 / 5:17 pm

    So cool that you went there! I saw some things in Zoe and Alice’s vlog xx

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