Glossier Haul No 2

Glossier Haul No 2

Today I am coming to you with another Glossier Haul…I did one of these when I picked some products up when I was in New York in September and you can read that here but recently Glossier announced that they would be shipping to the UK so I was very excited and knew I had to pick some things up so here is my Glossier Haul No 2.

You may have heard about the hype around this brand online – I have heard people say they love it and others say that they hate it but I love it! I just think the whole marketing strategy behind this brand is amazing and they have grown so quickly and people are now talking about them all over the internet.

This time I only picked up make up products because I hadn’t tried any of the make up products before and I really wanted to; when I was in New York I only picked up skincare products.

Cloud Paints in Dusk and Haze – £25 for two 

I had wanted to try the cloud paints ever since I heard Anna from TheAnnaEdit talking about them and when she applied them in some of her videos.
Everyone I saw said that the colour Dusk was their favourite so I knew this was one of the shades that I wanted to pick up and I also loved the look of the colour Haze because I thought it would be perfect for Autumn time as it is a sort of berry colour.
I got them both in a set as you could get two cloud paints together and it would come out cheaper than buying them together and that was £25.

I have tried these both and I love them! The colour Dusk is much easier to apply than Haze because it is a more subtle colour whereas Haze is quite intense and dark so it can look a bit intense when you put it on so you have to be very careful.

Haloscope Highlighter – £18

This year I have been really into highlighter and I have been trying quite a few, my recent favourites being the ones from Becca so I always get excited when I see a new highlight I want to try; I have also been really wanting to try a cream highlighter so when I saw Glossier had one I knew I had to try it.
I really love it so far and have been using it every time I put on my make up; I don’t apply it straight from the stick because I find that sometimes it can move the make up that is underneath and also it is quite wide so it puts more product than I would like so I tend to just rub my finger on it then apply it to my face from there.

Stretch Concealer – £15
I got mine in the Phase 2 set along with the Boy Brow and one of the Generation G lipsticks for £35 

This is something that I was going to pick up when I was in New York but didn’t in the end and I regretted it afterwards.
This concealer is very different to the concealers that I usually go for because I usually go for something with a lot of coverage and that is quite matte but this is very sheer and has a more dewy finish.
So far I do like it and I mostly use it for under my eyes because it doesn’t have enough coverage to cover my blemishes or scarring and I do also sometimes have to go back in with a heavier concealer under my eyes.
I probably wouldn’t purchase this again but I am going to use it until it finishes but if you like concealers that are more sheer and dewy then you will definitely like this.

Boy Brow – £14 

This is the #1 best selling Glossier product so I knew I had to try it.
I wanted to try the blonde shade but I wasn’t sure how well it would match my eyebrow shade so I just went with the clear one to start with.
I really like it so far and it really does keep your brows in place all day. It doesn’t make your brows crispy like a lot of brow gels do and the tiny, tiny brush makes it so easy to apply.
When it is brand new a lot of product does come out onto the brush and it is too much so I always have to brush the excess off but once it dries down and I have used it more it should be better.

Generation G Lipstick in Jam –  £14

This is a product that I am still quite undecided about…I really like the colour of this and it is really easy to apply but I found that when I applied it, it came up a bit patchy and didn’t really look right – I feel like it looks nicer when you put on a really sheer light layer but when you try and apply more layers over the top it doesn’t really work. As it is a darker colour it probably just is more noticeable. I am going to continue using it and see how it goes.

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I hope you enjoyed my Glossier Haul No 2!
I really want to do more Glossier posts in the future such as my Glossier Recommendations so let me know if you would like to see that.
Also, let me know if you have tried anything from Glossier and if so what are your favourites and is there anything you think I should try that I haven’t so far.

I featured quite a few of these products in my Autumn Make Up Routine last week so if you want to read that click here.

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