Snowella Zoella Beauty Christmas Range 2017

Snowella Zoella Beauty Christmas Range 2017

When I saw Zoe was releasing a new beauty range I was very excited and when I saw the whole Snowella Zoella Beauty Christmas Range 2017 I fell in love.
I love the packaging of this range and I think it might be my favourite out of all the ranges Zoe has produced so far.

When I first heard about this range I was desperate to find out what it smelt like because that is the most important part for me with these kind of products.
When I finally had the chance to smell this range I was so … I love the smell of this range – it is so fresh and pretty but still perfect for Christmas time.
Don’t get me wrong, I still love all the sweet smells of Christmas like gingerbread and cinnamon but I love that this range is completely different to that and is super fresh and light.

If you were following when I did Blogmas last year you might remember that I did a post similar to this one where I shared my thoughts on the 2016 Zoella Beauty range and you can check out that one here.

I think products from this range are perfect for a Christmas gift for someone, whether they love Zoe or not. There is still time to pick up some of these products before Christmas – I have linked up all the products in the range at the bottom of this post on the Superdrug website if you want to pick anything up for your family members or friends this Christmas.

*This post contains affiliate links but I purchased all these products with my own money and all opinions are my own*

Snowella Treasure Me Pampering Gift Collection

My favourite products from the Treasure Me Gift set are the Snow Scoop bubble bath, the Snow Fresh body wash and the Winter Wonder Hand hand cream.
The Snow Scoop bubble bath is absolutely incredible! It comes in a massive pot but you only need a tiny amount to create an crazy amount of bubbles – I just love it so much and I know that it is going to last me such a long time.
I use the Snow Fresh body wash every morning in the shower with the Zoella Beauty shower lily and I love it – it lathers up so well which is what I always look for in a shower gel and it smells amazing which is also a bonus. I also find that the scent lasts really well on the skin; a lot of shower gels lose their scent as soon as you get out the shower but this lasts really well. If you go in with the body butter or body lotion afterwards I’m sure it will last even longer.
In winter I always have to have a hand cream because my hands get so dry! Last year my favourite was the gingerbread hand cream by Zoella Beauty and I still have that and use it all the time so when I saw they were bringing out another hand cream this year I was very happy because they are my favourite. I am quite fussy with my hand creams because I hate the feeling of greasy hands for a long time after applying it but with this one, it sinks into the skin really quickly and you can actually get on and do things and, again, it smells amazing.
I just think it is amazing that I got all of these products for only £30!

Merry & Bright Shimmering Bubble Bath 

I am a massive fan of baths, especially in the winter and I can never have a bath without bubbles so I picked this shimmering bubble bath from the range and I love it. It creates amazing bubbles and it does have a hint of shimmer in it but nothing too crazy or intense – I hate it when you have a bath and there are chunks of glitter but this has a super subtle shimmer in which I love.
I also think the glass bottle is so pretty and I will definitely re-use it after I have used all the product inside.

Snowella Body Mist 

I think this is one of my favourites out of the whole collection and it is definitely the one that I have used the most so far. I just love the scent of this whole range so having it in a body mist is perfect and I wear it most days – I also love how it is perfect for winter but it isn’t a typical super sweet scent but it is really fresh and pretty.
I also love how the bottle is bigger than the usual size as it means it will last longer and another bonus is that it also looks super pretty when on my dressing table.

We’re on a roll Rollerball Perfumes 

When I saw Zoe was releasing roller-ball perfumes with this range I was very happy because I love roller-ball perfumes to keep in my handbag. They are the perfect size and are just perfect for taking with you on the go – they are also great for travelling when you want something to put on after you have been on a long flight and just want something to freshen up a bit.
They come in the new Snowella scent as well as the original Blissful Mistful and this years gelat’eau summer fragrance. The Snowella scent is definitely my favourite.

I have linked up the whole Snowella Range from the Superdrug website below, including the ones shown in this post, if you wanted to purchase any of the products.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Let me know if you are a Zoella Beauty fan or if you have tried any of the products from this range.
See you in a few days with a new post,

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