2017 Beauty Favourites

2017 Beauty Favourites

Happy New Year Everyone!!
As my first post of 2017 I thought I would share with you my 2017 Beauty Favourites.
These posts are some of my favourites to read because I love discovering new products and seeing what other people have been loving.

I also feel like if there are products that people have been loving for a whole year they must be worth checking out.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I have posted on here! I went away for Christmas with my family and we only get to see my aunt, uncle and cousins once a year so I wanted to enjoy our time together and make the most of it.
We had the best holiday ever and when I got back I just didn’t feel very motivated or inspired for blogging for some reason so it has taken me a little while to get back into it.

I really wanted to focus on my blog a lot more this year and try and grow it but I have decided to not put too much pressure on myself and just go with what feels right because I don’t want to put out content that I’m not happy with.

Make Up 

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you can probably guess most of the products mentioned in this post because I have spoken about quite a bit, which is why they are in my 2017 Beauty Favourites.

Too Faced Primed & Peachy Primer

This primer I picked up when I was in New York towards the end of the year but I have been looking for a good mattifying primer for a long time and this one is the best one I have found so far so wanted to include it in my 2017 Favourites.
It has a lovely cooling effect on the skin and really helps mattify my skin before applying make up and it helps my make up stay on all day and stay shine free.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

If you have been following my blog for a while you are probably fed up of hearing about this product now because I talk about how much I love this product so much so I won’t go on about it but this is literally the only foundation I have used all year and I am going to re-purchase it again. I would 100% recommend it.

Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer

This is another product that I have talked about quite a lot this year because I love it so much. It is such a great concealer and I don’t think I could use anything else because this one is so good. Don’t be put off by the fact it says Matte because it actually isn’t too matte and it definitely doesn’t dry out your skin. I use it both under my eyes and on spots and it works great for both.

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Translucent

This is a mini version of the setting powder but I love this powder and I discovered it in 2017. I had heard so many people talk about how great this powder was and because I have oily skin I love to try out new powders and this has worked wonders for me. It keeps my make up on all day and reduces the shine.

Tanya Burr Selfie Story Sculpt Eyebrow Pencil Light

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

In 2017 I started filling in my eyebrows which is something I hadn’t done before and I can’t believe it took me this long to do it because it makes such a difference and I couldn’t not do it now.
I first started using the Hourglass Pencil because it was the only one that I could find that matched the shade of my eyebrows (I have ginger hair so literally nothing matches) and I really liked it. Then Tanya Burr Cosmetics came out with eyebrow pencils so I thought I would give them a try because they are so much cheaper than the Hourglass ones and the shade match was actually pretty good, not perfect but good.

Glossier Boy Brow

After hearing so many great things about this product I thought I would give it a try and I really like it. I have it in the clear shade and it works really well to keep my eyebrows in place all day. If I purchase it again I think I’m going to try it in the blonde shade to give a bit of a tint to my eyebrows.

Glossier Cloud Paint Blush

This is another product that I had heard lots of things about that I really wanted to try so when Glossier started to ship to the UK I ordered it and I really like it. At first I did find it quite hard to apply but now I have got the hang of it and I think it looks so natural and lovely on the skin.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

I think this is probably my top favourite of 2017…this palette is just all kinds of beautiful!! First of all the packaging 😍 but the shades inside are also so pretty! They are all warm toned colours which is perfect for me because they are literally the only ones that I will use as they suit me best.
If you haven’t seen or tried this palette I would 1000% recommend it if you liked warm toned eyeshadows because it is amazing!
I have done a whole blog post review of this palette if you want to see more of my thoughts on it…link at the bottom of this post.

Mac Single Eyeshadows in All That Glitters and Saddle

Tanya Burr Selfie Story Lash Mascara

Mascaras are one of my favourite things to try out because they are one of the make up products that I couldn’t live without. So when Tanya Burr Cosmetics came out with this mascara I knew I had to give it a try and when I did I fell in love with it. It makes my lashes so long and separated but also gives them a nice amount of volume…love it!

Glossier Balm Dot Com in Coconut

This is pretty self explanatory but this is my new favourite lip balm from Glossier. What I really like about it though is it gives your lips a more matte finish rather than a really greasy or glossy finish that most lip balms have.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick

This is one of my all time favourite lipsticks now, it is such a pretty pinky nude shade that I think would look great on so many different skin tones. It is one of the matte lipsticks but it doesn’t dry out your lips or feel uncomfortable to wear – it is all round a great lipstick.
I did a review of this lipstick if you want to hear more of my thoughts on it…link at the bottom of this post.

Bobbi Brown Lipstick in

This is another of my favourite lipsticks but it is more of a creamy texture and isn’t matte so it can be easier to wear and I can just throw it on if I am in a rush and it will still look good.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

This year I have been completely converted to the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges; I used to use brushes and occasionally a beauty blender but ever since I started using this sponge I haven’t gone back to brushes to apply my foundation. It makes your base look so natural and perfected and it never makes it look cakey, which I really love.

Real Techniques Powder Brush

This is my favourite brush that I have bought this year. It is one of the Real Techniques newer collections and it is amazing; I use this mostly for powder but you can also use it for bronzer or blush. It is so soft and applies product so nicely and never makes it look too cakey.


Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

I tried this cleanser after so many people were talking about it online and I love it! I love the scent of it and I love how it makes my skin feel after using it; my skin instantly feels softer and more hydrated and it is the perfect cleanser to use in winter. I have already gone through one bottle and have re-purchased another one because I love it so much.

Glossier Super Pure Serum

I never really used a serum before trying this but I really love it and I have already gone through one bottle of it. I do think it has made a difference to my skin and has helped reduce my spots, along with the Effeclar Duo.
One thing I don’t like though is how small the bottle is because I go through it quite fast and it isn’t the cheapest product.

Estee Lauder Day Wear Matte Moisturiser

This is a bit of a pricey product but it has become my new favourite moisturiser so I might have to keep purchasing it because it is so good. This moisturiser really helps to keep my skin matte throughout the day but also moisturised and balanced and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or uncomfortable.

La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo

This is my favourite skincare discovery of 2017 because it has made such a big difference to my skin in a short space of time.
I have pretty oily and blemish-prone skin but since using this product I have honestly seen such a big difference as my skin has been less oily and I have had fewer spots. I am going to continue using this product for a long time because I love it and it has made an amazing difference to my skin.

Snowella Hand Cream

This was mostly just a winter favourite because I only really use hand cream in the winter but I wanted to mention it anyway because of how great the product is. I think this is my all time favourite hand cream because it sinks into the skin so quickly and I hate that feeling of greasy hands after applying hand cream and it actually really moisturises my hands, plus it also smells amazing so I always look forward to applying it.

Here are some of the products that I mentioned if you wanted to try them out:

Here are some of the blog posts that I did in 2017 that feature some of the products that I have mentioned in this post; whether that is reviews, hauls or favourites.

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I hope you enjoyed this post!
Let me know what your 2017 Beauty Favourites because I would love to find some new products to try.

See you next week with a new post,

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*This post contains affiliate links but I purchased all these products with my own money and all opinions are my own*


  1. January 15, 2018 / 12:01 am

    Great roundup! A lot of those I actually wanted to try so it’s nice to know they work well (Primed and Peachy, boy brow etc.)! Xx Jen beautylifemom.com

    • emimarieblog
      January 15, 2018 / 4:54 pm

      Thank you! You should definitely give some of the products a go because they are all amazing xx

  2. January 15, 2018 / 5:03 pm

    so many of these products are my faves too! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the Nake Heat palette, it’s literally incredible. I’ve beer heard about that Too Faced pruned before but it looks great and is definitely something I would use! Great post lovely and all the best for 2018 X

    • emimarieblog
      January 16, 2018 / 11:05 am

      I know right the Naked Heat Palette is the best! The primer is amazing, you should definitely give it a try.
      Thank you so much 🙂 all the best to you too x

  3. March 17, 2018 / 6:27 pm

    All That Glitters is such a classic and I love your Glossier picks and the Real Techniques Multitech 🙂 great round-up!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    • emimarieblog
      March 17, 2018 / 9:06 pm

      Thank you 😊 It’s so great isn’t it! xx

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