Moving EmiMarie Self-Hosted

Moving EmiMarie Self-Hosted

Today I thought I would share with you my experience of moving EmiMarie self-hosted as this is the kind of post that I would have loved to read when I was thinking about moving self-hosted.


Theme – PipDig Viva Viva

My theme took me a long time to decide because there were a few that I was choosing between.

Pipdig have so many different themes for both WordPress and Blogger so there would be one to suit every type of blog.

There was actually a theme that I found online that I LOVED but it was with an american company that I hadn’t heard of before so I was a bit reluctant to purchase from them.
I had also heard sooo many people talk about Pipdig and say such good things about them so I decided to go with them.
There were a few pipdig themes that I was choosing between but I eventually decided on Viva Viva and I am so happy with the theme that I chose.

One of the reasons I went with Pipdig is that they can transfer your whole site over to your new theme for you without any extra charge, which I think is amazing.

The staff are all so friendly and helpful, especially Phil who helped me with the whole move and he was amazing.

If you are looking for a blog theme and are thinking of going self-hosted I would 100% recommend Pipdig because they are amazing.

Hosting – SiteGround

I had been researching quite a few website hosting companies and I kept coming across Site Ground as I had seen that it was a recommendation from WordPress and I found out that it is the company that Pipdig work with so I decided to go with it.
I also found that it was one of the simplest hosting packages to work with and the prices were also pretty reasonable.

I had been wanting to go self-hosted for quite a while before I decided to finally take the plunge around September time – it took a while for everything to get up and running but I put up my ‘New Blog Design & Going Self-Hosted‘ Post up in October 2017.

If you have been thinking about going self-hosted with your blog or website I would highly recommend it; it is one of the best things I have done for my blog. Obviously I would only really suggest going self-hosted if you are serious about blogging and want to take your blog to the next level because you do have to invest some money into it so it has to be worth it for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about Moving EmiMarie Self-Hosted.

Let me know if you have any questions about my self-hosting experience.

See you next week with a new post,

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