Glossier Collection: My Thoughts

Glossier Collection: My Thoughts

Today I thought I would do a Glossier related post and share my Glossier Collection: My Thoughts. There are a lot of opinions about Glossier all over the Internet and I thought I would share mine.
I have done a few Glossier posts in the past and people seemed to like them so I thought I would do another one.
My last posts were hauls so I couldn’t really share my proper opinion on products because I hadn’t really tried them out but I have been using most of these Glossier products for months now so I can definitely give my honest opinion on them.

Also, make sure to read to the end as there is a link that you can use to get 10% OFF your first Glossier order.


I love love love Glossier as a brand and I love most of their products. I love that their branding is so simple but so effective.
Everything about the packaging of their products is so simple and chic and everything just looks so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

I do have a conflicting opinion on some of the packaging of the products – some of the products I think the packaging is so pretty and makes the product look more expensive than it is but other products I think it does the opposite.
For example, the packaging of the serums is so pretty and simple and makes the product look quite high end but the packaging for some of the make up products such as the highlighter and lipstick makes it look quite cheap as the packaging is just quite plasticy.

One thing I love about Glossier is how much effort they put in – when you order something online everything is packaged so beautifully and comes in a pretty pink pouch that you can reuse (I have no joke about 10 at home and I love them so much, they are so useful). Each box always comes with a pack of stickers and the box itself is always so pretty as it is pink inside and has a funny message on the inside.

Next I thought I would share with you my opinions on all the products that I own from Glossier – I don’t own every product from them but I do own a large amount so hopefully this is helpful, especially if you haven’t tried anything from Glossier before but you are thinking about it but don’t know what to go for.


(I realised after taking and editing the photos that I didn’t include some of the products in this photo – the Solution and Green Mask so please ignore that)

Milky Jelly Cleanser

‘Conditioning Facial Cleanser’ 

I love this cleanser and it is the only one I have been using for months! When I first bought this and started using it I was worried that it wouldn’t be good for my skin – I have oily skin so I was worried that it would make my skin too greasy but it really doesn’t. I do prefer using it when the weather is a bit colder as it is moisturising on my skin but I also love to use it all year round and I am still using it now when the weather has been warmer.

Would I buy again: 100% Yes – I have already gone through two bottles and am onto my third

Super Pure Serum 

‘Niacinamide Face Serum’ 

I love love love this serum – I honestly think it has made such a huge difference to my skin (along with the other products I use in my routine). After adding this to my routine and having a proper skincare routine that I do every day I have noticed that I have had a lot less breakouts which I am super happy about and I have already gone through 3 bottles of this and I’m only my fourth.
One thing that I don’t like about this product is how small the bottle it is – this product is pretty pricey and for how small the bottle is I don’t really think you get much for your money. I mean it does take me a few months to get through one bottle but I do feel like the bottles could be bigger.

Would I buy again: 100% Yes – I have already gone through three bottles and am onto my fourth

Super Bounce Serum 

‘Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum’

This is another one of the serums that I love – when I first saw this I didn’t buy it because I have oily skin so I thought no I don’t need this but when it was really cold this winter my skin was super dry and dehydrated so I bought a bottle of this serum and I have been using it ever since. I have since realised that just because my skin is oily doesn’t mean I can’t use hydrating products.

Would I buy again: 100% Yes – I have already gone through two bottles and am onto my third


‘Exfoliating skin perfecter’ 

This is a product that I have been using on and off and I’m still not sure how I feel about it.
I haven’t really used it enough or used it on a regular basis to be able to say if it actually works but when I properly incorporate this into my skincare routine I’ll report back and see if it really works.

Would I buy again: Probably

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Mask 

‘Deep Cleansing Face Mask’

I love a good face mask every now and then and this is one of the many that I really like. I love the way this feels on my skin; after I use it my skin always feels really soft, refreshed and cleansed. I can’t say that it made any significant difference to my redness, spots or congestion on my skin but it is a really nice product to use. Plus it smells pretty good too.

Would I buy again: Probably

Balm Dot Com – Coconut, Mint and Birthday

‘Universal Skin Salve’ 

This is one of my favourite Glossier products, particularly the Coconut scent. I get pretty dry lips so lip balms are always a must for me and this one is one of the best I’ve used. First of all they all smell freaking amazing, and (again) the coconut is my favourite!
I love that the balm itself is a pretty matte finish so it doesn’t leave your lips feeling super wet and sticky which I love.

Would I buy again: Yes

Glossier You Perfume 

I’m still not sure how I feel about this perfume, some days I really like it and others I’m not so sure. I think I just need to keep wearing it to form a proper opinion on it but I’m not sure about it. There are definitely lots of other perfumes that I have and would prefer over this one such as my all time favourite Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber.

Would I buy again: Probably not


Stretch Concealer 

‘Flexible coverage concealer’

I do like this concealer but isn’t my favourite – I have oily skin so it is a bit too greasy for me and it doesn’t have enough coverage for me. I prefer a concealer such as the Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer that has much more coverage and is more of a matte finish.

Would I buy again: probably not

Lash Slick Mascara 

‘Black mascara that lengthens and defines’ 

This is a very new addition to the Glossier range and I have been waiting for them to release a mascara for so long so when I saw this I was super excited.
First of all, the packaging of this is beautiful – I love the simple pink and black colours!
The actual formula itself gives a very natural finish to the lashes which I personally love as I love more natural looking lashes rather than large and voluminous. However, I have really straight eyelashes so I have to curl them and the only way to make them stay curled is with a waterproof mascara formula and this one isn’t waterproof. It does half hold the curl but not quite enough.
I will continue using this mascara as I really like it but I will probably just wear it on days when I don’t want to wear very much make up and I’m going for a more natural look.

Would I buy again: Yes

Boy Brow Eyebrow Gel – Clear and Blonde 

‘Grooming Pomade’

I never used to fill in my brows but over the past year or so I have started to and it has literally changed my life! I have such pale eyebrows so without anything on them you literally can’t see them so I don’t know why it took me this long to start doing them but anyway.
I had heard so many people talk about how great this product is so I really wanted to try it. I first tried the clear version and did like using it but there are other brow gels that are cheaper and do a similar job. I then tried the blonde version which is tinted which I also really liked but when you first buy it so much product comes out on the brush so I find it quite hard to apply so when it dries down a bit a prefer it more.

Would I buy again: Probably

Haloscope Highlighter 

‘Dew Effect Highlighter’ 

I really love this highlighter as it adds such a natural glow to your skin – a lot of highlighters can look too intense and the glitter can be quite chunky but as this comes in a stick it is much more natural and subtle which I really like.
However, I found that if you apply it straight from the tube then it wipes off all the make up underneath so I found the best way to apply it is if you rub it onto your fingers and then apply it to the face.

Would I buy again: Yes

Cloud Paint Blush 

‘Seamless cheek colour’

I really love these blushes as they are a liquid formula rather than powder so they look so pretty and natural on your cheeks. The colours are also all so pretty – I have the colours Dusk and Haze. Dusk is a much more natural colour that is more wearable for everyday and Haze I use more in Autumn Winter time because it is a more deep purple colour.
One thing that I found though was they were quite hard to apply – when you squeeze the tube quite a lot comes out but you only actually need a little bit. Also, they settle super quickly onto your face so you have to be pretty quick when blending out the colour.

Would I buy again: Yes

Lidstar Eyeshadow 

‘Glistening long-wearing eye glow’ 

I have heard a lot of conflicting opinions about the Lidstars; a lot of people have said they didn’t like them so when I ordered them I wasn’t sure what to think but I love them.
I found that they lasted well on my eyelids and lasted all day. They were a little tricky to apply but when you have found a way that suits you they work great.
My favourite colour is Cub which is this beautiful rose gold colour 😍

Would I buy again: Yes

Generation G Lipstick

‘Sheer Matte Lipstick’ 

I’m still not sure how I feel about these lipsticks – they are a matte formula but they are meant to also be matte. I have the shade Jam which is the dark purple colour and it is a super pretty colour but I don’t really like the formula. I find that because it is matte it really clings to any dry patches of skin I have on my lips and I have quite dry lips so this isn’t very good. Also, because it is a dark colour it is super noticeable – this is the only shade I have tried so maybe the more nude colours don’t have this problem.

 Would I buy again: Probably but in another shade

Wowder + Brush 

‘Finishing Face Powder’ 

As I have oily skin I have tried a lot of powders and I was really excited when I saw Glossier did one and I really wanted to try it but I was actually quite underwhelmed. There was nothing special about this powder and I found it didn’t keep my skin as matte as some of my other favourite powders such as the Laura Mercier Powder.
The brush however I do really like because it is great for travelling and for putting in your handbag for touchups throughout the day.

Glossier Sweatshirt

I also have the Glossier Sweatshirt – when I visited the Glossier showroom last year in New York I saw these and really wanted one but they didn’t have one in my size and at that time they didn’t ship to the UK so my dad’s friend who lives in New York ordered it for me and sent it over to the UK.
I love this sweatshirt as it is so so soft and because it is grey and black it goes with everything and looks super pretty.
I usually wear it when I am travelling or just chilling and home but it is nice enough that you could wear it out.

Top 5 Favourite Glossier Products:

  1. Milky Jelly Cleanser
  2. Serums – Super Pure and Super Bounce
  3. Balm Dot Com – coconut
  4. Lash Slick Mascara
  5. Lidstar Eyeshadows

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it gave you some useful information if you were thinking about purchasing anything from Glossier.

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Also, here’s a link that you can use to get 10% OFF your first Glossier order!

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