Favourite Fashion Brands That I’m Loving At The Moment

Favourite Fashion Brands That I’m Loving At The Moment

Today I thought I would do a Fashion related post as I haven’t done one of these in a long time and toady I will be sharing my Favourite Fashion Brands That I’m Loving At The Moment.
Summer clothes are my favourite type of clothes to shop for because I love looking at all the new styles and colours that have come out.

Also, sorry there wasn’t a post last week I was having problems with my blog where it wasn’t showing up anywhere but it’s fixed now so it’s fine!


The first brand that I have been LOVING this year is Hollister. About 5 years ago I loved Hollister and it was one of my favourite places to shop then I fell out of love with it and their clothing wasn’t really for me or just wasn’t very nice but this past year they have seriously stepped up their game!!
I love so much of what they have in their stores at the moment and pretty much every time I go into one of the stores I end up leaving with something.


I have really been loving Brandy Melville this summer – they have so many cute styles of clothing in great colours and prints that are perfect for summer.
I love getting t-shirts and basics from Brandy Melville because they are such good quality and last for such a long time but they don’t cost a ridiculous amount. Their clothing is also very on trend and stylish which I really like.
However, one thing about Brandy Melville is that all their clothing comes in one size which isn’t the best for everyone.
I have been able to fit into all the tops that I have tried from Brandy but the issue I have is with the bottoms – I am a smaller size on the top than I am on the bottom so finding bottoms from Brandy that fit me can be a little tricky.
I have a pair of their ‘Tilden Trousers’ that I love to death and wear all the time that fit me great but then when I purchased another pair of them in another colour they didn’t fit me…so their sizing can be a little strange so that’s something to look out for.


I’m not sure that ASOS counts as a fashion brand but it is one of my favourite places to shop. The whole experience is so simple and easy and I have never been disappointed with the service – I paid for a year of next day delivery so the delivery is amazing!
I love that they have such a wide range of brands on the website as well as their ASOS own brand.
Another thing that I love about the ASOS site rather than the clothes is that they have now started selling beauty items including brands like Benefit and Mac which I think is really exciting because ASOS is such an easy website to shop from so it makes shopping for beauty easier.


Topshop is a firm favourite for a lot of people as there are shops pretty much everywhere and it is one of the most popular highstreet shops.
Topshop is another very current and up to date shop as they always have the new styles and trends – some of which can be a little bit out there and different.


I do love Urban Outfitters a lot but their clothing can be prettyyy pricey. I don’t shop from there a lot because of that but the items that I do have from there I love and they are super high quality.
Urban Outfitters is another shop that is super on trend and that updates their clothing all the time.

*This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own – if you did want to purchase any of these items it would be great if you could use these links as it would help me out a lot, thank you!*

I hope you enjoyed reading this post – let me know what your favourite brands are at the moment and where you like to shop!

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Favourite Fashion Brands That I’m Loving At The Moment | Favourite Fashion Brands That I’m Loving At The Moment | Favourite Fashion Brands That I’m Loving At The Moment

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