Summer Favourites 2018

Summer Favourites 2018

Today I thought I would share with you my Summer Favourites 2018 so all the products, fashion, entertainment and random things that I have loved over the summer this year.
Also, firstly can we just talk about how fast the summer went though! I can’t believe it is already September! This whole year has just raced by.


Glossier Mascara

This Glossier Mascara is pretty much the only Mascara that I have used this summer, on an everyday basis. If I wanted something a bit more intense or if I was wearing a proper full face of make up then I have been using my Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara but everyday I have been wearing this Glossier one and I have been loving it. I love how it looks on the lashes as it makes them look super fluttery and pretty and makes them look super long and separated, which I love. One thing I don’t love about it is that it isn’t a waterproof formula so I find that my lashes drop very quickly after applying this – I have very straight eyelashes so I have to curl them but this doesn’t hold a curl very well. Other than that I love how it makes my eyelashes look and I have been using it every day.

Zoeva Mini Travel Palette

I picked up this mini travel eyeshadow palette when I was in Portugal when I visited a Sephora. Sephora is slightly more expensive in Europe because of the conversion rates but when I saw it I had to buy it because it is so me and I thought it would be perfect for when I go travelling. The colours in this palette are also colours that I use everyday so it is the perfect mini palette for me. I have been using it so much since I got it and I have been taking it everywhere that I have travelled with me this summer because it is so small.

It Cosmetics Face Brush

After seeing a few people use the It Cosmetics Face Brush I really wanted to pick it up as it looked so good and looked amazing for applying the It Cosmetics CC Cream which is the only foundation that I use. So when I was in Boots I saw that there was a new It Cosmetics counter (exciting times!!) so I picked myself up the brush and I’m so glad that I did as I love it so much. The brush is so so soft and it applies my foundation so seamlessly and makes it look like you literally aren’t wearing make up at all which is a good thing. I also love that it is double ended as it means it is a two in one brush; this makes it super helpful when travelling as you only have to take one brush rather than two.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk

In the summer I don’t like to wear as much make up and when I do I like it to be quite quick and easy so I rediscovered this Glossier Cloud Paint. I loved this product when I first bought it then I kind of forgot about it because I was using other blushes but I have re-fallen in love with it and it is the only blush I have used this whole summer. I love it because it is a cream product so it just blends seamlessly into your skin and looks so natural. I particularly love cream products in the summer because they make your skin look so glowy, fresh and natural.
They have two new colours of the cloud paints out and I really want to try the one called Storm as it looks so pretty!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Extra Fair 

This concealer is a cult favourite for so many people and so many people talk about how much they love it on the internet but I have never been able to use it because the palest shade was too dark for me. But my friend showed me that they brought out an Extra Fair shade and I tried it and it is the perfect shade for me and I have been using it ever since. It is such an amazing concealer for how cheap it is and I know I am going to keep repurchasing it.

Kikki K Ooh La La Make Up Bag

If you know me then you may know that I have a big of a make up bag obsession and I have a pretty big collection of them! When I saw this Kikki K one in John Lewis I fell in love and knew I couldn’t leave the shop without buying it. I love the print on it with the little dots/lines and the font is super pretty. It is also a super good size as you can get so much in it but it doesn’t take up masses of space. I just love it so much and I have been using it non-stop since I got it and have been taking it everywhere I have travelled this summer.

Imperial Leather Skinny Dip Body Wash

I actually discovered this product when I forgot to pack a body wash when I went on holiday so my mum went to the supermarket and found this body wash and I have been using it ever since because I love it so much. This particular one is a collaboration that Imperial Leather did with Skinnydip which I think is pretty cool.
I love the scent of it – it reminds me of the purple skittles for some reason but I love it!
The texture of it is also amazing; when it comes out it is a sort of gel then it transforms into a super soft foam which feels so amazing on the skin. If you haven’t tried this I would definitely recommend it – it also comes in a couple of other scents I think.

Zoella Beauty Make A Splash Moisturising Body Wash 

Another body wash I have been loving is this Zoella Beauty cream body wash from the newest Splash Botanics range. I love how moisturising it is as I hate putting on body lotion/moisturiser so the fact that my body wash moisturises my body is a winner for me. I also love the smell of it – it is so fresh and summery!


Hollister Bikinis 

I have fallen in love with Hollister bikinis this year; well I’ve actually just fallen in love with all Hollister clothes this year! The bikinis though I have especially loved and I now have quite a collection of them.
My favourite ones I have included in this post and are the black bikini top with the knot in the front, the colourful striped bottoms and the multicoloured patterned bikini top.
I love the fit of them as I find they suit me and they are so comfortable so I can wear them all day everyday and feely secure and comfortable in them.

Topshop Skirts 

I have been looking for a denim skirt for a long time that suited me and fitted me properly as I have an awkward body shape where my waist is really small but my hips are really wide so I find it hard to find things that fit me properly so when I found this style from Topshop I was over the moon.
I love this skirt style so much that I bought it in the blue denim, then the black denim and then again in a raspberry colour and I regret nothing. They are 100% my most worn skirts from this summer and will continue to be.


Collective Journeys August Bracelet 

I only got this bracelet towards the end of the summer but I wanted to include it anyway because I love it so much. This bracelet is from a brand called Collective Journeys that was set up by the actress Candice King from The Vampire Diaries. And if you know me then you know I am a HUGE Vampire Diaries fan so when I saw Candice had set up this company I knew that I wanted to get one of her bracelets. I liked all of the ones that she brought out but I had never seen one that I LOVED and that was me until the August bracelet, and when I saw it I knew I had to get it and I love it so much! I have been wearing it pretty much everyday since I got it. I love all the pinks and oranges on it because those are my favourite colours and it is such a me bracelet so I’m so happy I got it.


The Vamps Day and Night Album: Night Edition 

This album is 😍 and is literally all I have been listening to all summer! I cannot even express to you how much I love it and how much I love The Vamps!!!
All my friends must hate me by now about how much I talk about them (and the New Hope Club) because I have an unhealthy obsession…
My favourite songs from the album are:
– Cheap Wine
– Talk Later
– It’s a Lie
– What Your Father Says
– Pictures of Us
– Just My Type
– Paper Hearts
– For You
– Time Is Not On Our Side

With the album each member of the band recorded their own songs which were a bonus to all the other songs on the album and my favourite songs from those ones are:
– Sometimes It Rains In LA
– My Life (which also features New Hope Club so added bonus!)
– If I Was Your Man
– Black And Blue

So if you haven’t listened to this album then I would highly highly recommend it because it is amazing!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I started Brooklyn Nine-Nine about half way through the summer as I was looking for a new TV show to watch and so many people had told me to watch it so I thought I would give it a try. I was also looking for a show that didn’t have too many seasons to watch and catch up on and this one was perfect as there are currently only 5 seasons compared to others I want to watch that have 8 or 9.
I am so glad I started watching it because I now love it! It is so good and so funny and I literally couldn’t stop watching it as soon as I started.

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again 

When I was in Portugal I went to see the new Mamma Mia film with my best friend and it was absolutely amazing! I even went to see it for the second time the other day because I love it so much.
It was absoultely hilarious as well as having some super sad moments (and I may have cried….twice) and the musical numbers were great! It was one of those films where you come out just filled with joy and feeling so happy. I also found myself smiling through pretty much the whole film!
Also, can we just talk about some of the new cast members that were added for this film that were just gorgeous….Young Bill and Young Sam were just 😍


This summer I have been fortunate enough to visit so many amazing places and I now have so many amazing memories from these places and from this summer.


My favourite place I visited this summer was Portugal – not only because it is such an amazing country and I have had the chance to explore even more of it this year, but because I got to spend two amazing weeks with my best friend and I had the most amazing time!!


I also went on holiday with my family for a few days to Italy where we went to stay with my godmother who lives in Italy. She lives up in the hills just over an hours drive from Bologna and we had such a great time.
We literally just did nothing except catch up and chat, eat lots of amazing food, sit by the pool and read, which was perfect and so relaxing.


Lipton Ice Tea 

For some reason I had never really tried Ice Tea before this summer but this summer I have fallen in love with it and it is now one of my favourite drinks. My favourite flavour is probably the lemon one but I also love the peach and mango ones. I know this is a really random favourite but it has been one of my favourite summer discoveries so I thought I would share it.


Here are some of the products I mentioned in this post if you wanted to buy them:

*This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own – if you did want to purchase any of these items it would be great if you could use these links as it would help me out a lot, thank you!*

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you also love any of these things and also let me know what your summer favourites were.

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