Collective Journeys August Bracelet

Collective Journeys August Bracelet

Today’s post is a bit of a random one but I’m going to be showing you my Collective Journeys August Bracelet and sharing all my thoughts about the bracelet and the brand Collective Journeys.

Collective Journeys is the company set up by the amazing actress Candice King who you may know if you have seen The Vampire Diaries. I am a massive fan of Candice and have been for a long time as I am a HUGE Vampire Diaries fan which most of you will probably know if you have followed me blog for a while because I talk about my love for The Vampire Diaries a lot.

What is so amazing about this brand is that each month they release a new bracelet that is supporting a different charity.
20% of the profits for each bracelet goes to that selected charity which I think is amazing.
I just love the whole idea behind this company and that they are helping those charities that might not be as well-known or receive as much support.

I chose the August Bracelet because of the colours; if you know me then you will know that I love anything orange and pink. So when I saw this bracelet I fell in love and knew it was the one that I wanted to buy. It is literally me in a bracelet!

The charity for August’s bracelet is ‘Happy Period’; this charity provides support for women who might not be able to afford period products, so they supply female hygiene kits.

All of the bracelets before August are now sold out but you can still buy the August bracelet and they have just released their September bracelet which is so pretty! It is yellow and it is supporting the ‘School on Wheels’ charity.


I took my bracelet with me when I went on holiday to France and took this amazing photo of it with The Alps in the background, which I thought was really pretty!

I have linked the website for you here if you wanted to check it out and find out more information about the brand of if you wanted to buy one of their amazing bracelets.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post! I know it is a little different to what I normally post but I really wanted to share my love for this brand and everything that they do.

Make sure to check out Collective Journeys and see you on Sunday with a new post,

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